Monday, August 17, 2009

Batman's final hurdle = Australia.

The game is mere weeks away, but Batman: Arkham Asylum is not here just yet. As close as we are to skulking around in the cape and cowl, some last-minutes hiccups have become evident.

Australian game retailers have, for some unknown reason, have the game listed as being released on the 3rd September. As opposed to the August 28 date that is actually listed as the date it is supposed to be released. The US date is August 25 and the European date is August 28. Atari, who is distributing the game in Australia, have the same date as Europe - August 28. So I'm not entirely sure what retailers are playing at. True, a lot of big games mysteriously break their release dates and end up on the shelves a few days early but it's still baffling.

"Fuck you, game retailers!"

In addition to this bullshit, it looks as if the price will be on the brutal side of harsh. Now, just to prefix this, the last game I paid over 100 dollars for a game was Assassin's Creed. And that was the last time I got burned (I spit on you, EB Games). I have since made a vow never to pay over $100 for a game again. But it seems retailers have cottoned on the pre-release buzz for this game. Check this out...

EB Games - 3/9/09 -  $119.95 

JB Hifi - 3/9/09 - $110.98

Big W - 3/9/09 - $115.50

Gametraders - 3/9/09 - No price available

Dick Smith - 12/6/09 - $10.00 (check out Dick Smith's listing at the link below which is really confusing. Huh?)

Games Warehouse - 3/9/09 - $109.95

Ready for your wallet to be raped? In order to have to the privilege of buying the game in a shop and getting it a week later than the rest of the world, you'll have to be.


But because Preparations For Birth is awesome and helpful, here's a couple of options. Australian retailer GAME have the shitty release date of 3/9/09 but a web-only price of $99.00. Pretty reasonable in light of everyone else.

Also, UK retailer has an even better deal. They have the game listed at $79 Australian dollars but since the game is released on a Friday and their shipping takes 5-10 working days, you may not get it for a couple of weeks.

So, I guess you'll have to decide what's important. Getting hold of the game immediately (well almost) or waiting a little while to save 20 bucks. I'm not entirely sure myself.

"No, seriously game retailers, FUCK! YOU! How can you sleep at night knowing you're charging these prices for a game that is coming out a week late! Do you actually kiss your children with the same mouth that you deliver this evil upon your customers? And don't try and push that bullshit pre-order unlockable armor on me either, EB Games! You are not getting your filthy fucking claws into me ever again! Nyyaaaarrrggghhh!!!!"

UPDATE - In the space of 24 hours, JB Hifi have dropped their price from $110.98 to $99.00. When I rang the store to confirm, they did indeed tell me $99. I also decided to test something and straight out asked "So that's coming out on August 28th?". The clerk checked and then told me "Yes."

The plot thickens....


  1. Well what did you honestly expect from a country with no "Adult" Rated games....

    Its only a Batman game anyway.. so who cares ;-P

    (Troll Troll Troll)

  2. (Rolls eyes, Rolls eyes, Rolls eyes)