Sunday, August 16, 2009

No more Elder Scrolls...apparently.

After I spent 50+ hours walking the Capital Wasteland of Fallout 3, I had my full share of that world. I have still no interest in all the downloadable content that Bethesda have delivered over the past few months. Apparently the majority of it is quite good, but I could not care less. Take your Fallout and fuck off.

That said, I have always entertained a small hope that Bethesda had also been busy working on the next Elder Scrolls game while spewing out all this DLC. But this week, bad news is the order of the day. Day...week...whatever.

At the game convention QuakeCon 09 in Dallas, Texas this week, Bethesda PR dude Peter Hines told the crowd that they currently have "no plans" for a new Elder Scrolls game. So for those of you who enjoyed Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion to the tune of hundreds of hours, you'll have to find something else to fill your days in the future. That sucks pretty hard don't you think?

It sucks almost as much as those Oblivion gates. Christ, I hated those.

Well, here's the icing on the shitty tasting disappointment cake. Hines then proceeded to tell the crowd that there's "always a chance" that they will make an Elder Scrolls online multiplayer game. Oh joy. Just what we need. I guess that's the reason there will be no single-player adventure being released anytime soon. 

What kind of idiots work at Bethesda nowadays? Are they in any way serious about doing an Elder Scrolls MMO? Yeah, go take your medevial/fantasy RPG and make it into an MMO...because there's no other planet-dominating multi-billion dollar game DOING THAT SHIT AT THE MOMENT!?!?! 

Pictured: Bethesda's future plans.

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