Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Batman lands in August. Finally.


That's right, after months of speculation and delays it looks as if the end of August will be when Batman: Arkham Asylum finally ships in Australia. Publisher Eidos revealed that North America will get the game on August 25th and Europe on August 28th. Atari are distributing the game in our great brown land and confirmed that the European date will be the same as ours.

So rejoice! Celebrate! Get ready to punch the fuck out of dudes while vowing on the grave of your parents to rid the city of the evil that took their lives! Woooo!

In addition to a release date, there's been yet another trailer released (I think that makes about 10,483 so far) and it just keeps looking better.

There's also been some interesting new screenshots of a few foes. 

Harley Quinn, seconds before getting the fuck punched out of her.

God knows what Joker is doing to this guard.

Here's the first shot I've seen of Mr Zsasz. Scars intact.

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