Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2009 becomes slightly less awesome.

Initially, the games release schedule for 2009 was rather lean. Around April or May though, rumblings started to become evident that things were about to change and game after game would drop on our unsuspecting wallets and Q4 of this year would blow our minds out our arses. 

But that has unfortunately been scaled back a bit. A whole bunch of amazing-looking games have all been delayed until 2010: The Year We Make Contact. The list of games is as follows, along with my reaction to each delay.

Mafia 2 - meh
Bioshock 2 - meh
Max Payne 3 - Fuck!
Bayonetta - meh
Red Dead Redemption - Fuck!
Splinter Cell: Conviction - Fuck!
Red Steel 2 - meh

So as a result, the first quarter of 2010 is now shaping up to be MINDBLOWING. In addition to the above games, the below games are also coming out around that time...

Mass Effect 2
Alan Wake
Final Fantasy 13
Heavy Rain

But there's still a few nuggets of gold to be had in 2009 folks. Namely these...

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