Saturday, June 6, 2009

OH SNAP! The most incredible things to come out of E3.

Ladies and gents, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is over! And whoa mama, some shit went down! Let's get to it!

OH SNAP! Commander Shepard is one pissed-off motherfucker.

Did you see that? Shepard ain't messing around. Bigger guns, smoother gameplay and a darker mission structure are all shaping up to create a better sequel to Bioware's 2007 masterpiece. Add in new enemies, an assassin named Thane and two new companions by the name of Jacob and Miranda.

Release date: Between January and March 2010.

OH SNAP! Alan Wake actually exists.

Well it's a game alright. The tale of a horror writer searching for his wife in a mountain town looks great and has been given a release date. It's only been in development for five years so, hopefully it will be...oh, I don't know...THE GREATEST THING IN HUMAN EXISTENCE.

Release date: Spring (US) 2010.

OH SNAP! Splinter Cell looks actually interesting again.

The last Splinter Cell game, Double Agent, was slightly disappointing and since then, I had lost faith in the Splinter Cell series. But Splinter Cell Conviction looks really intriguing. Sam Fisher is on a revenge mission and he is A) good at kneeing dudes in the face and B) still voiced by Michael Ironside. Oh yes. The video below is the CG trailer followed by E3 gameplay.

Release date: October 2009

OH SNAP! Modern Warfare 2 looks on track to be expectedly awesome.

Fighting terrorists in snow. And the terrorists have snowmobiles. Check this out.

Release Date: November 2009

OH SNAP! Project Natal is possibly the future.

Well, Microsoft surprised everyone by busting out their motion controller but even more so, the future applications for it. Watch the video and decide for yourself.

Release Date: 2010 maybe.

Oh by the way, Batman Arkham Asylum is out on 25th August. For realz this time. OH SNAP!

Hey clown-face dude. Just wait there for a month or two and I'll be back to punch the fuck out of you.

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