Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Batman vs The Witcher (Batman wins)

Back in December, I reported on the RPG game The Witcher: Rise Of The White Wolf being in development.

For those who care, check it out: 

Unfortunately, the game's been cancelled. Well, 'suspended', according to the developers CD Projekt. Apparently the staff working on the game haven't been paid in about three months and as a result, the game has been 'put on hold', which basically means we'll never see it again.

"Have at you, developer wage entitlements!"

It's a shame. The original PC version is critically acclaimed like nothing else on the planet and the console port was shaping up to look exciting.

Now, for the other news. Batman: Arkham Asylum has been delayed. Before you blast your fist through the fucking internet, it looks to be only for about a month or two. Warner Bros Interactive and Eidos issued a joint statement that stated the game would be pushed back from the original late June release date to the 'end of summer'. Now that's the US summer of course, so here in Australia - maybe August. I'll keep a close eye on this story but the official press release said the cause of the delay was 'to ensure Batman: Arkham Asylum is of the highest quality for gamers'.

Fair enough I guess. Still annoying though, considering the potential awesomeness for this game.

"Jim, I've got to get in there and stop Joker's reign of terror!" "Just chill Bats, we've got a month or two yet."

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