Thursday, December 4, 2008

4 MORE awesome upcoming games nobody seems to know about.

Continuing this series of posts, it's fascinating to note just how many potentially brilliant games are currently on the boil.
As I stated before, I'm not positive about these games, just that they have the promise to be incredible. But they might be rubbish when released. So don't give me any shit. Read on...


Sunlight effects + water ripple effects = awesome

Last year's critically acclaimed RPG The Witcher is now coming to consoles. You play as Geralt, a travelling sword-for-hire. Morality comes into play heavily with this one, but more in the interesting grey area of choices rather than the predictable black and white consequences that has been seen in so many other games recently.
Yes, it is a port of a PC game and the hardcore PC crowd is already shouting 'dumbing down!' but since the developers are making this with an entirely different engine and combat system, it could be one to watch.

Have at you, PC gamer fucks!

Released: Fall (whenever the hell that is) 2009


Pictured: The Bermuda Triangle (presumably)

A combat pilot named Will disappears into the Bermuda Triangle and reappears in a parallel universe. And then kicks that universe's arse with big fucking guns. This game is shaping up to be amazing. It's a mixture of on-foot and mid-air combat, with vertical cover implemented as you climb on massive structures to find your way back home.

That's right, shooting at a UFO with a goddamn pistol

Apparently, you can go all Rocketeer in this one with hoverpacks and jetpacks and even at some point hijack a UFO. Sounds good to me. From all reports it sounds like it's a mix between Crimson Skies and Metroid Prime and Gears of War. FUCK YES. And did I mention it's being developed by CAPCOM?

Here check these eight minutes of it -

Around the five and a half minute mark, things start to get truly awesome.

Released: May 2009

NINJA BLADE (Xbox 360)

With possibly the most generic name in years, Ninja Blade looks promising. Set in modern day Tokyo, teams of ninjas (!) jump from helicopters (!) to defend the city from colossal mutants (!) that threaten to destroy every living thing in existence. DO YOU NEED ANY MORE CONVINCING?

If you think that this game... anything but than the best thing ever... sir, have a shard of ice where you heart should be.

L.A. NOIRE (PS3, maybe XBOX 360 & PC)

"So, we got a stiff huh? Well, where's the nearest coloured guy, he musta done it, see? Case closed."

Itching for a bit of 1940s detective action? Course you are. Well, so has everyone else since 2007. This game has suffered long delays but the developer has said recently that L.A. Noire is in its 'final phase'. Whatever that means.

Check this official trailer:

Described as a murder mystery action-puzzle game, it's set in a perfect recreation of 1940s Los Angeles. Frankly, it's been a long while since there's been a good detective/mystery game and this one could fill the gap. Developed by Rockstar (yes, that Rockstar), I've got my hopes up for this potentially great game.

Hopefully, Hartfields is filled with smoky jazz trios, sultry dames and plenty of whiskey.

Released: Well, they say 'fiscal 2009', so that could mean anything. Also, it was announced as PS3-only but now even that decision has become fuzzy at best.

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