Wednesday, November 12, 2008

4 awesome upcoming games that nobody seems to know about.

If you even have the slightest interest in video games, you'll no doubt be aware of the barrage of high profile releases at the moment (Gears of War 2, Fallout 3, Little Big Planet) and in the near future (Streetfighter IV, Prince of Persia). And if you're like me, your attitude is something like "Okay, I'll slog through Gears and then the 100+ hours of Fallout and then start building my Little Big Planet levels...".

All great but predictable.

Here now are some hidden gems to be released soon (ish). To which your reaction will probably be more along the lines of "HOLY JESUS HERE TAKE MY FIRST BORN SON AND GIMME THEM SHITS RIGHT NOW!"


Introducing the first video game character that somehow doesn't have the dead lifeless eyes of a mannequin.
Split up between four different characters, French studio Quantic Dream's PS3 exclusive seems to shaping up to be incredible. Aside from the face-melting visuals, Heavy Rain looks to be a breath of fresh air in the current slew of go-here-shoot-this-dude games. It's a mystery. And a thriller. And an investigative story. And disturbing as fuck.

From what has been released so far, one of the characters is Madison (pictured above) who takes time out from riding her motorbike on wet streets (made wet by HEAVY RAIN, yeah) to investigate a two storey house with nothing but a camera and her wits. She finds some pretty disturbing shit on the upstairs floor. Then things start to go pear-shaped when the owner of house returns home...

You can just tell this dude is one sick bastard.

Still not sure? Fine, well take a look at this 20 minute tech demo from this year's E3 and then come talk to me.

Release date: Early 2009


I made a vow on the grave of my parents blah, blah, blah...

Colour me cautiously excited about this one. All previous Batman games have been rubbish with the possible exception of Batman: Vengeance. That said, Vengeance was based on the animated series. I've been waiting for a darker, more mature Batman adventure and it looks like my wait may be over. Batman: Arkham Asylum (not based on the Grant Morrison comic) is a third-person action adventure title that (so far) features a shitload of CSI-style investigation, combat and potentially awesome moments.

As far as the story is concerned, the Joker starts some shit at the Gotham City nuthouse that somehow snowballs into a full-scale riot. And you (as Batman, yes you) have to come in and save the day. Did I mention that Arkham happens to be at full capacity when the Joker pulls this shit? Filled with people like Scarecrow, Mr Zsasz and Mr Freeze? And did I also mention you get to play as fucking Batman?

When there's a game where the Joker looks like this...

...and Killer Croc looks like this...

...then yes, sign me the fuck up.

Release date: Sometime in 2009


Look at that! In the bottom left corner! Yeah that thing! There's no heads-up display, just that! THE FUCKING THING FROM THE MOVIE!

While there has been semi-successful games based on the Alien franchise, there's always been something extra thrown in (Predators etc) to appeal to a different fanbase. On the other hand, there has also been massive missteps in this area. The first game I ever bought for the Sega Megadrive was Alien3 and it had one slight difference from the film: GUNS!

Nobody has perfectly captured the dread/balls-out action of James Cameron's 1986 masterpiece. Aliens: Colonial Marines has been on the cards since 2001 so heavy delays have dulled the excitement somewhat. Until this year, when some fresh shots of it were released.

They seem to now be in some real pretty

In the game, you lead a four-man squad (each of which you can control) to investigate the USS Sulaco. The game is set after Alien 3 so Ripley's automated shuttle has long since departed from the mothership. But the Aliens haven't. Word on the street is there will be facehuggers, drones, warriors and the Queen. I guess that's a different Queen from the one that ripped Bishop in half.

Specific desires for this game:

- Hudson is alive and voiced by Bill Paxton.

- A conversation option where you can tell Hudson that you're 'sick of his bullshit'.

- Hidden unlockable weapons from Hudson's list (sharp sticks, sonic electronic ballbreakers etc).

Release date: Again, sometime in 2009.

4) ALAN WAKE (Xbox 360, PC)

A gun. A torch. A tweed jacket. What more do you want?

In another tale of massive delays, the developers responsible for the Max Payne series have whetted the appetite of horror fans with a guy named...Alan. A horror writer whose fiance has disappeared, Alan Wake begins to suffer from insomnia and travels to Bright Falls, Washington for treatment at a local clinic. Only then can he sleep. Trouble is, all he sees are nightmares. Nightmares that are starting to seep into reality (INSERT VIOLIN-BASED SPOOKY MUSIC).

"Well, there's your problem pal. You're trying to drive this car while enduring an horrific living nightmare."

Alan Wake was starting to lose its focus because of its constantly-pushed-back release date cluminating in an infamous quote from a developer stating it will be released "when it's done". People were starting to lose hope in ever seeing this potentially brilliant game ever see the light of day. Then the developers released an awesome trailer. You can find it on their equally awesome brand new website:

Fuck yes.

Release date: Sometime in our lifetime (maybe 2009).

DISCLAIMER: If any of these games turn out to be garbage, I hereby invoke my hypocritical power to slag them off at any opportunity in the future.


  1. Heavy Rain looks cool, but I ain't gettin' no PS Thray to play dat! [/cajun]
    The Joker is Heath Ledger...well let me start to wank over that one...Killer Croc looks awesome though :).
    Alan JESUS HERE TAKE MY FIRST BORN SON AND GIMME THEM SHITS RIGHT NOW! Seriously, looks like a kick arse game. I'm getting that one!

  2. Heavy Rain... I'd not heard of that...

    Get over your Anti-Australian Movie/Actor sentiment Ry :-)
    Heath made a good Joker, and anyway aside from the smile makeup he doesn't actually look that much like Heath's joker.
    Killer Croc Does look awesome....
    Overall Batman Games don't thrill me tho.

    Alan Wake is another game that gets past the dead lifeless eyes as well. There some really interesting tech around the facial features and reactions in that game. Hopefully they'll make it into the finished product.