Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Batman + video games = awesome?

One of the first games I ever owned was Batman: Caped Crusader for the Commodore 64. It was an odd little game, placing you in control of Batman and going up against such villians as the Penguin and Joker.

Batman is punching the Penguin in the fucking throat. Every young child's dream.

At the time (the late 80s), it was incredible. Looking back though, the game was a turd. Crap combat and controls, shitty graphics and next to nothing in terms of story. But when you are 12 years old, none of that matters. 

Years later, I was still searching for a Batman video game experience. The Nintendo Gamecube came close, with Batman: Vengeance, based on the animated series.

Batman is about to punch this dude in the face. Hey, he knew the risks when he was hired by a guy with green hair.

It was pretty good. Lots of entertaining sections filled with action-packed moments. Jumping away from explosions, driving in the Batmobile and plenty of gadgets. But still, things weren't perfect. Something just wasn't...right

Ever since the dark knight entered the world of video games, there has been garbage. Naturally, everything based on any of the films has been shithouse so there's no respite in that department. I'd pretty much given up hope on being able to control Batman's actions in any fulfilling fashion.

Until now.



Did you see that shit? Huh? Huh?

Now, I've discussed this game a little on this blog before. But thanks to this trailer, Batman: Arkham Asylum has shot to the top of my wishlist for 2009. And those of you with a keen ear may have recognised the voices in that trailer. Mark Hamill is back as the Clown Prince Of Crime and more importantly, the most fucking awesome Batman voice of all time, Kevin Conroy is lending his talents to this game.

As you can probably tell, I'm looking forward to this one. It looks to have a variety of combat and sneaking which is fine by me. As long as I get to punch the bejesus out of dudes while vowing on the grave of my parents to rid the city of the evil that took their lives.

Fuck yeah.

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