Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nintendo announce new, huge DS.

Bought a DSi this year did you? Well, I would suggest you don't read on for fear of an outburst of violence.

At a press conference in Tokyo today, Nintendo announced another iteration on their stupidly-successful handheld platform. This counts as four now - The DS, DS Lite, DSi and now...

The DSi LL, they're calling it.

Apparently it's for the elderly gamer. Which makes sense I guess, considering the fucking massive 4.2 inch screen.

Here's a comparison. The current model DSi is in white, the new DSi LL in its stylish 'Wine Red' colour. Check out the size of that second stylus! Yeah, it comes with two!

It's coming out in Japan on November 21 with Europe (and presumably Australia) in early 2010. The price point is rumoured to be more expensive than the current DSi. 

Frankly, I couldn't care less. Bigger screen? Meh. I just bought my awesome red limited edition Mario DS Lite so I'll be fine for a long while yet. No DSi LL for me thanks.

No, sorry Nintendo. I won't be buying it no matter how many stylish colours you come out with.

Oh, you fucking bastards.

UPDATE: Apparently, when this thing launches in Europe, it will be renamed the DSi XL. That's little strange. I'm starting to think this is less for old people and more for overweight people. Hopefully, there will be an option in The Legend Of Zelda: Spirit Tracks where you can mash the buttons with your palm because your fingers are too fat.

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