Friday, September 11, 2009

"Mother pus bucket!"

Back in mid-June of this year, Ghostbusters The Video Game was released on all platforms to generally positive reviews. 

But only in North America. Thanks to a questionable exclusivity deal between Sony and publisher Atari, the European and Australian Xbox 360 versions of the game were delayed until October 23. Effectively giving Sony the edge when it came to sales with its PS3 and PS2 versions of the game.

Now it's been delayed again. To November 6.

Pictured: Australia.

No official reason has been given for the second delay of the Xbox 360 version in PAL territories. Just because, punks. 

But since the US version of the game isn't region-locked, you can import to your heart's content. Which you should probably try and do sooner rather than later if you want to play it. Because let's face it, a November release date has pretty much put a bullet in the 360 version outside of North America. Why? Because it's only five days before this fucking juggernaut drops worldwide...

  If someone asks Modern Warfare 2 if it's a god, it will say yes.


  1. I don't think it will put a bullet in it. Firstly you're looking at two pretty distinct audiences there, and secondly, you have no idea that Modern Turdfare 2 won't be held back for no reason either, outside NA.

    I'll be getting Ghsotbusters before I'll be getting the sleep inducing Modern Warfare 2.

  2. I know what you mean but I want both games and I don't think I'm a distinct audience.

    I would be absolutely amazed if MW2 is delayed anywhere for any reason. That thing has had a hard release date for months and months. And since every other game is running the fuck away from it, I think it will stick to that date.

    "Modern Turdfare 2"? Nice one. Now I'm just imaging a game where run around shooting turds.