Thursday, September 10, 2009

Letting go of The Beatles: Rock Band.

Earlier this year, I went a little hyper insane for the impending release of The Beatles: Rock Band. So much so, that I toyed with the idea picking up the Limited Edition of the game which features three guitars, a microphone and drums coming in at a hefty AUD$350. But after a little bit of to-ing and fro-ing, I have decided my priorities lay elsewhere.

Oh man, how cool does that look?

The game came out yesterday around the globe, and by all reports it's selling like gangbusters. The Limited Edition box itself is fucking huge. Seriously, it's the size of small car.

Which makes sense I guess. It needs to fit all this awesome shit in it.

Taking a few things into consideration, I've realised I will have to leave this one alone. Maybe pick it up on the cheap next year sometime which really sucks. But there's a few purchases that have to take precedence around this time of year. Namely a new hard drive ($150), a wireless adapter ($100) and possibly a PS3 Slim ($499).

Oh Christ, look how much fun they're having! The guitar highways even have cool patterns on them! Fuck!

It's a real shame. I've never bought a single Guitar Hero/Rock Band title because the majority of the songs didn't really appeal to me (seriously, who fucking cares about Lacuna Coil?) but the Fab Four's entry in the music game genre was going to get me over the line. But needs must when the devil vomits into your kettle and 2010 will have to be the year of Beatlemania for me.

And this special 360 design would be pretty sweet too. Dammit.

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