Sunday, September 13, 2009

Borderlands...oh my.

The more layers that are peeled off of Gearbox Software's new RPG/shooter Borderlands, the more  incredible it seems to appear.

Inspired by Mad Max and Diablo, this sci-fi opus features four main characters (all of which you can take online in co-op play) taking quests on the planet Pandora. A desolate wastleland, most parts of Pandora have devolved into lawlessness after anyone with half a brain and a little money abandoned it. In addition to this, after the planet's seven year orbit ends, a veritable fuckload of horrible creatures emerge from hibernation.

One of the most prominent marketing angles that Gearbox has used is Borderlands' amount of firearms. Thanks to the game's randomly generating systems, there are approximately 3 million different types of guns (or a 'bazillion', as Gearbox put it). The landscapes, towns and creatures are all also randomly generated giving a fresh perspective to every player's journey. And Gearbox have said that once you load the game up, you'll never see another load screen.

The four characters you can choose from are as follows:





Gearbox have brought them all together in this 'Character' trailer...and the game is out late October. If the finished game is even half as good as it looks, put some money aside now.

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