Sunday, August 23, 2009

Universal acclaim for Batman: Arkham Asylum.

The game is finally released in Australia this Friday and the reviews are in...

Eurogamer: "it's the best superhero game, bar none."

1UP: "many of the mechanics turn Batman: Arkham Asylum into a bona fide "Batman Simulator,""

IGN: "The greatest comic book videogame of all time. "

Strategy Informer: "Truly this is the Batman game that everybody’s been waiting for."

Games Master UK: "Simply put, Batman: Arkham Asylum is a masterpiece."

So I guess that seals it. Unless you're as batshit crazy as the Joker, you'll no doubt be joining me in picking up the game this Friday. 

"Well done, Jim. We're officially awesome."


  1. hey man great blog, but i thought we australians had to wait till september 3rd, whats this about it coming out friday?

  2. Thanks dude.

    The Aussie distributors of the game - Atari - have the date the same as Europe - Aug 28. Aussie retailers have, for some unknown reason, have the date as Sep 3 which is rubbish. JB Hifi have confirmed Aug 28 multiple times to me and since JB Hifi are notorious for breaking street dates anyway, it will probably happen.

    Either way, I'll be in there Friday morning and raise holy hell if it's not on the shelves.

  3. its just not fair what they do to us! i called my local jb in sydney and they said it was pushed back to september, im getting mixed messaages everywhere.

    oh well fingers crossed, i dont see the point in delaying big name games for certain countrys, people just end up importing them anyway. except in this case i want the baterang and i have to wait on australia.

  4. Regardless of whatever bizarre date they've cooked up, they WILL have the game in store on Friday. Retailers receive their stock sometimes weeks ahead of schedule so the game will be sitting in their back room on Friday.

    I too was tempted by the batarang, but then I thought about the other games coming later this year.

  5. You will be crying come Friday if it ain't in store :D

  6. Holy release dates Batman!