Monday, June 29, 2009

The Road To Metal Gear - Part 2.

The hallway outside the lift on Basement 1 is totally deserted so I just run for it. It's here that I start to notice all the doors are numbered. Some have 6 on them, others have 2. Mei Ling comes on the CODEC and tells me that Donald Anderson is on the radar as a green dot and he's nearby. There's nobody around so I decide to check more doors.

Also, she spouts a lot of philosophical quotes when I all I want to do is save my game. Confucious say - shut the fuck up! 

The door I arrive at has a big number 1 written on it. As I approach, it beeps at me and remains closed. I guess I need a key of some sort. Eventually, the only exit to this area I can find is a ladder leading to an air vent. 

Like this but with a ladder. And less stains.

As I'm crawling through this vent, I look down upon a guard sitting on a toilet in the next room. He chats calmly to himself about how he hates Alaska and how he might be getting a cold. He then mentions some woman who is 'built', as he puts it. He then gets up from the toilet AND HE STILL HAS HIS PANTS ON. Obviously, I'm dealing with a truly insane breed of soldier who is so much in their own mind that taking off their pants doesn't even occur to them when visiting the facilities. These guys must be batshit crazy. I gotta be careful.

The next grille I crawl over is a small room with a woman doing sit-ups in her bed. I decide she's not the DARPA Chief and move on. I find an opening further on and drop down. And there he was, sitting on a bunk.

All the main characters are introduced like this. Character name, then voice actor. Here's a fun fact: George Byrd went on to appear as 'Crewman #1' in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Immediately, I start grilling him about the terrorists and their demands. He drops some information about how I shouldn't fuck around with them. Why? Because they have a METAL GEAR. A nuclear-equipped walking battle tank, capable of launching a nuclear anywhere on the face of the earth. And they call it REX, because it resembles a tyrannosaur I guess. Obviously, this be some bad shit son. But Donald's got my hook-up. He tells me that there's some card keys that can override the launch codes and I have to get my hands on them.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, he is struck dead from a heart attack. Which is a surprise. I contact Campbell on the CODEC and ask 'What the fuck, man?' but he just says "Hmm, that's a bit weird."

No, Weird Al is a bit weird. My controller vibrating, the room shaking and a dude screaming WHY!?!?? while being violently killed by a heart attack, that is  SUSPICIOUS.

While I'm wondering what the hell I've gotten myself into, the door to Anderson's cell opens all by itself. Quietly, I creep out the door and suddenly spy a guard's body on the floor (the same guard who enjoyed fully-clothed toilet visits). His body is on the floor, nude.

Uh...yeah, don't ask.

There's a gun in my face. A guard is shaking, pointing a rifle at me. Naturally, because I'm awesome, I just pull out my pistol right back at them. In a few words, I discover the guard is in fact the woman from the next cell, now clad in the toilet guard's uniform. She mentions the name of Liquid, the leader of the terrorists and she's wondering if I am him. But her queries will have to wait because out of the blue - a bunch of guards burst through the door, ready to shoot the fuck out of us.

That's her in the green outfit, doing nothing. That's me in the blue, saving the GODDAMN WORLD.

I save her life in a flurry of expertly placed bullets but rather than thanking me, she runs. Running towards the elevator I first arrived in, I yell at her to stop but she's gone. Now here's when things get strange. Out of thin air, one of the terrorists appears, floating in mid-air. He whispers, "Good girl, just like that...". 


Campbell gets on the CODEC and tells me that was Psycho Mantis, the terrorists resident psychic. What? He can just appear and disappear at will? WELL, THAT'S JUST FUCKING GREAT. Campbell tells me to calm down and go find Kenneth Baker, the Armstech President. He's the second prisoner. Okey-dokey, off I go...

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