Monday, April 20, 2009

This version of Batman will never look this good again.

Well, things seem to be shaping up amazingly well for the release of Batman: Arkham Asylum for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. Rocksteady's dip into the legendary waters of this 70-year-old character is looking better and better. As previously reported on Preparations For Birth, the plot goes something like this:

- Batman brings Joker to Arkham
- Joker escapes and lets all the freaks loose
- Batman has to deal with said freaks
- Batman then presumably punches the fuck out of Joker

Simple, yet genius. The first real meaty look at the game came a little while back at the Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco that took place in March. One of the game directors walks us through the 'Invisible Predator' gameplay of the game. Basically, that means what Batman can see and how he can punch the fuck out of it. For those of you who may have missed it, look below. For those of you who have seen it, check this out anyway because this is the better, extended cut of the video...

Pretty sweet huh? So, do you want this game like right now this second? I'll bet. But wait, there's more. Over the last week or so, they've released a couple of villian trailers which are very interesting. The first features Bane. This guy is rather important in the Batman universe as A) he is one of the smartest and cunning villians ever, and B) he broke Batman's back in the early nineties. Whether we will see Batman's spine twinge in the game when they meet is something we'll have to wait for. In the meantime, check it...

Also loose in the madhouse is Joker's on-again off-again insane girlfriend Harley Quinn. I've never totally been convinced by this character but I can see potential here. She's mad as a cut snake and hopefully that will amount to some disturbing shit rather than a lot of pointless giggling. According to this trailer, it looks like the former...

June, if you're wondering. I cannot confirm the exact date (some say the 19th, others say the 23rd) but mid-year is definitely the time this game is set to hit the shelves.

But holy shit, does this game look the goods. I have no choice in the matter - I am forced to get my hopes up. If this game fails, then so be it. But the thing you have to remember is, there will be no Batman game that looks this good prior to release ever again. Keep that in mind folks. Keep it in mind while we wait for this potential masterpiece. See, there goes those high hopes again. What a naive fool I am. I swear, Eidos and Rocksteady, that if you fail me you will rue this day. I will...I'll...well I don't know exactly. If the game sucks I'll probably dress up as Batman and sit outside your house. Failing that, a stern email will sent. That's right, you heard me! EMAIL!

Behold my new god.


  1. Now *this* is what Batman should be like. The Joker is a flamboyant cool does Harley Quinn look? And Bane is MASSIVE!

    Nolan needs to look to this game to understand Batman, I feel...

  2. Let's just agree to disagree on that one shall we?

    Jim Gordon looks about 100 years old in that Bane trailer.

  3. So you're not impressed by these trailers???

  4. I meant let's disagree about Nolan taking cues for Batman 3.

  5. Meh? MEH? Jesus, what's it gonna take?