Tuesday, February 24, 2009

One year on...

Well, February marks the first birthday for Preparations for Birth. 12 months ago I started this blog with no real direction or point...and not much has changed. But if I've even had a single person say they were mildly distracted by my ramblings enough to stop them killing themselves, then my work is done. 

"Ha, ha! He's right! Zack Snyder does suck!"

Well, if you're just able to drag yourself away from your balconies and bottles of sleeping pills long enough, then I might continue on here with this thing. As you may have noticed, video games take up most of the words on this blog but so what? Video games are tops. I'll no doubt be mining that rich vein in the next twelve months.

So, join me dear reader in celebration. Raise a glass to this sporadically-updated, rage-fuelled, certain-things-that-interest-me blog. I know I will.

If you are without a glass, then let me tide you over with a few pictures of all things awesome:

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