Monday, August 18, 2008

How not to maintain a blog.

For the one or two people (it might have been three at some point) who occasionally read this blog, I apologise. The entries on here have been very sporadic of late. But fear not (if in fact you were fearing), this blog is not dead. Actually, this self-referential entry will probably be the re-launch of my piddling little thoughts. That said, the wild west story I was writing on here is dead. I just lost interest and my concentration is on other tales of demons, little girls & drug addiction at the moment. Maybe I'll rewrite it, but not yet.

This blog was not meant for these sort of thoughts. You know, those kind of 'what I did today' type thoughts. That's for shitty boring blogs. The kind of rubbish spewed forth by Sami Lukis and such. I'll continue on with what this blog was meant for: strange, nonsensical guides on how to live a slightly more interesting life.

So bear with me here (and to be honest, what else do you have to do? Watch more Olympic swimming?) and I'll revive this thing. Promise.

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