Sunday, April 27, 2008

My quest for cheap, uncut violence - Part 3

Two days to go...

In my hunt for an uncensored copy of the game, I completely forgot about one integral component that could be the answer to all my prayers.

Yes, the mighty empire that is EBAY might have my precious little object on sale. I've done a little checking and come across a few choice options. There's a million copies of GTA4 on sale as you can imagine, but I'm only interested in uncensored PAL versions - which there seems to be quite a few. The good thing is they're all cheap, like crazy cheap. Recommended Retail Price of $119.95? To hell with that. Most copies online are around the $60 mark.

There's one seller in particular I'm keeping an eye on. From Canada, he's got 45 copies of the game, all uncut & all PAL versions. Very positive feedback for this guy who's been with Ebay since 2002 and has sold over 13,000 items. And he's charging AU$49.99. Do I trust him to be all he says he is? Is he too good to be true? His sale ends in 2 days and 2 hours, so I better think quick.

Early reviews have started to creep in. Scores of perfect 10 apparently. The previous games have all rated highly but to score the game 10 out of 10 must indicate something rather special. Something verging on an unparalleled gaming experience. We'll see. We'll see just how much of my life is eaten away by this game. Not long now...

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  1. Time's running out dude - hope you have some sick leave saved up ;)