Monday, April 21, 2008

My quest for cheap, uncut violence - Part 2

So, it's April 21st and the day grows near.

I did some digging around and it seems things are going to get a lot more complicated before they get easier. The Australian Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) are keeping mum about what exactly has been cut from the Australian release of Grand Theft Auto IV. But their official report states the following:

"hand to hand combat (basic punching and kicking) more regularly involves use of various weapons..."

"Blood pooling occurs under bodies that are shot at after death however no post-mortem damage (such as decapitation or dismemberment) is possible..."

"Scenes of a drug dealer is depicted implicitly, then explicitly, snorting lines of white powder (implied to be cocaine) from a table..."

Hmm. Nowhere in the OLFC's three page report does it mention anything that was removed from the game so at this stage, we are left to wonder what exactly was kept from us.

Anyway, I came to learn more about region coding recently. I always was aware of it in regards to DVDs but as for console games, I was a rather large noob.

Not no more I'm not. might be my saviour. Millions of games for sale online and all easily categorised into regions (US, Japan, Europe etc.) for my beloved Xbox 360. There's a few GTA4's for sale but I need to investigate further so I don't wind up with a dud. And they're all half the price too. Sweet.

Now, I just hope this rumour about Australian customs isn't true. Word round the campfire is, that if you import an uncut copy of GTAIV, it will be seized and you'll be sent a fine. I'm sorry, am I importing hardcore German kiddie-porn with barnyard animals? No, I'm fucking not. This bullshit has never been enforced before so it's probably scare-mongering. Even so...

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  1. Curious to know exactly what your going to fined for. And where does it end? Are we going to get fined for buying games, DVDs and books overseas now?

    All this proves is, and I know I'm preaching to the converted, get a bloody "R" rating for computer games. I mean, come on...