Friday, October 16, 2009

Paying the cost to be the boss.

In these troubled times of daily stress, uncertainty and general financial concern, you need to know you can shoot dudes in the face at the push of a button. I know I do and recently, I made this endeavour much easier to enjoy.

Toying on and off with upping my Xbox Live membership to Gold status, I just set it up for the next three months (thanks to the pre-paid card that came with my hard drive). But in the past I've had the console in an awkward position as a result of being a slave to the ethernet cord. Well, no more shall I be chained down by the outdated technology of yesteryear, I've gone wireless baby!


First things first, I know for a fact I'm getting screwed by Microsoft by shelling out for this wireless network adapter. The thing retails at $129.95 and I can tell you now, there ain't $129.95 worth of parts inside it. Anyway, Big W came to the rescue and had a sale on numerous Xbox 360 accessories and kindly dropped the price of the adapter down to $108. Not a huge saving but to hell with it, Microsoft aren't going to cheapen it any further any time soon.

I got the adapter home but before I could start capping fools around the world with my assault rifle, the console didn't recognise that the adapter was plugged in. After a few calls to Microsoft, it turned out that the adapter was faulty. How about that shit? The only fucking adapter that I ever buy and it's a piece of crap. Unlucky or what?

Yeah Riker, you know what I'm saying.

Anyway, I took it back to Big W and the sales girl very kindly made sure that the new adapter she gave in exchange was from a different batch. I took the new one home and BOOYAH it worked just fine. All I had to do was search for my own wireless network and before you could say 'Eat bullet, motherfucker!', I had plenty of motherfuckers eating my bullets.

DISCLAIMER: While I may talk a lot of talk about my face-shooting skills in the war-torn world of Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, I'm actually not that good. But when I take down some dude with a gamertag of ikilledu16 after he's killed me ten times in a row, you better believe I'm punching the air with my fist. Naturally, I feel the need to relay that type of feeling here.

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