Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More like PSP Stop, am I right?

Well, it was pretty obvious this was going to happen but now we have some numbers to prove it. The PSP Go has officially tanked in Australia.

About to gather dust like a motherfucker.

The Sydney Morning Herald released some Sony sales figures and it failed to sell more than 1000 units in its first week on the shelf. I did my own research into some comparison figures and found that the launch of the Nintendo DSi managed to shift 30,000 units in its first ten days in Australia.

No big surprise considering their gameplan. Firstly, it's a PSP. The handheld was released in 2004 and since then, sales have been steadily declining. Sony's solution to this problem was to re-release it as the PSP Go in 2009, with a smaller screen and make it download-only. And then slap a $450 price tag on the damn thing.

Seriously, Zardoz makes more fucking sense.

Honestly, it's a shame. Because in a vacuum, the PSP Go is pretty awesome. The sleek look paired with the interface and functionality actually work. But place it the real world up against every other gadget and doo-dad on the market and it instantly becomes dead on a toilet. In addition to that, can you think of five PSP games you're really dying to play? And while you're thinking about that, discount any games that are remakes or versions of pre-existing PS2 games...

Yeah. There's your problem. Expecting Australians to pay almost half a grand on that? When you can outlay $50 more and buy an actual full-blown Playstation fucking 3? Good Christ, I'm surprised it sold one unit.

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