Thursday, October 1, 2009

Games of October - Part 1

In this new feature (if I can be bothered to keep it regular enough), I'm going to run through what I believe to be the important games set for release this month. Hopefully I write something resembling this every month so people out there can get an idea of what will be on store shelves in the next 30 days. 

October sees the start of Q4. Typically, that means games start to come out in a huge way. Last year, for example, October 23 saw the simultaneous release of Far Cry 2, Dead Space and Fable 2. Christ, that was a tough day. Anyway, Q4 2009 probably won't be as brutal seeing how a lot of important titles have been pushed back to 2010. But make no mistake, there's still a whole lot of notable games on their way. Good or bad, let's have a look...

What's that? A new Dead Space game? Well, kind of. First off, it's on the Wii. And it's a rail shooter. What do I mean by 'rail shooter'? Remember Virtua Cop and Time Crisis? Yep, that's it. Extraction is a prequel (which makes it the third prequel, counting the comic and animated film) and to be honest, it's weird that it even exists. If you only own a Wii, would you even know what Dead Space is? And if you own a 360 or PS3, would you want Dead Space on your Wii? But apparently it captures all the atmosphere of the USG Ishimura. Just in a very strange way it seems.
Release date: October 1.

I have had my reservations about this one in the past and to be honest, I still do. Head designer Tim Schafer is taking a big gamble in mixing action/adventure with real-time strategy. Nobody can really confirm how much RTS elements will be in the finished product so we'll just have to wait and see I guess. That said, apparently one of the units that you can control is called the 'Hate Cage' and it's basically a cage on legs that screams and gushes blood on enemies. So there's that.
Release date: October 15.

Set to be one of the biggest releases for the PS3 this year, Uncharted 2 sees the return of cocky, always-down-on-his-luck treasure hunter Nathan Drake. As I am without a PS3, I never played the first game. But When I do acquire one, I'll pick it up along with this sequel. Critics and fans love this series and from what I've seen, I will too. Everyone who has ever talked about a film version of this game, 100% of people say Nathan Fillion should play the lead. So naturally, I want to check this franchise out.
Release date: October 15

When this was first announced at E3 this year, it was a bit weird. The majority of the game takes place inside Bowser's guts. This is the third Mario & Luigi game and running around inside their mortal enemy is a good a reason as any for another outing I guess. Whatever, it's a Mario game on the DS so generally that's a pretty awesome experience.
Release date: October 22.


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