Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saving myself - Part 2.

Things are looking up. After deciding on a 60gb hard drive, I waltzed into my local JB HiFi and managed to find one on sale - for $119 instead of the listed $149. Not only that, the hard drive isn't the only thing that comes packaged for that amount of kablingy. 

Here's the package...

...and its contents.

As much as I fucking hate the way Microsoft conduct business sometimes, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did I save $30, but I also ended with more stuff that I thought. True, I couldn't give a shit about the extra ethernet cable and the headset will barely see any use, but it's that 3 months of Gold that I'm pretty chuffed about.

Regardless of all that crap, I'm still not back up and running just yet. After purchasing my pack of goodies, I rang the Microsoft robot call centre back and fed them my reference number. After a bit of a security check, they finally agreed to send out a transfer kit to recover all my precious save files. 

"Transfer kit, motherfucker!"

So now I wait. They told me it could take up to ten working days to arrive so I'm looking at next week at the earliest. Everything better work right when it gets here.


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