Thursday, May 21, 2009

OH SNAP! Part One.

For those of you who regularly read this blog (hey dude, I'm going to call you this weekend), you'd no doubt realise it has evolved somewhat. While I've skewed into talking about video games, it's never really been a news site. Just a place for my mind to pour out on the subject of something awesome like video games.

Well, fuck that! Over the next few weeks, exciting video game news will be spewing forth from the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles taking place from June 2-4 and I cannot help but report on some of the happenings from this event. Because mark my words, there are going to be some jump-up-and-down type stuff coming out of it. And I'm so damn excited I will not be able to restrain myself.

These posts reporting on these news stories will be part of my OH SNAP! series of stories. Mainly because it's a catchy title and the upcoming announcements will most likely make you want to yell OH SNAP! Okay, I will be the only one saying OH SNAP! but if anyone wants to join me in an OH SNAP! then that would be fine. So that works, huh?

Already there has been some rumours and speculation flying around. Some true, some implied. Let's get a handle on the first round of snaps...

OH SNAP! Mass Effect 2 will be the Empire Strikes Back of the series.

Bioware producer Casey Hudson talked recently about the sequel to the best space-opera-RPG-ever-made which is scheduled to make a major appearance at E3. As it turns out, shit is going to go down. "As a trilogy we have our three acts. So Mass Effect 2 is the dark act. It's an opportunity to really explore the tougher, more brutal parts of the universe." In addition, Hudson teased at the complete story arc for the series..."In the first act you put a guy in the tree, in the second act you throw rocks at him, in the third act you get him down."  Hmm, take from that what you want. Also, there's been a video released explaining a few things and preluding what they will be showing at E3. Check it...

OH SNAP! Secret Of Monkey Island could be coming to Xbox Live Arcade.

Holy Christ, you didn't see this one coming did you? Legendary 1990 point-and-click adventure Secret Of Monkey Island  has long been called for to be readily available for the mass public of 2009. And even though bringing it to Microsoft's download service was always a pipe dream of mine (seeing that classic stuff on HDTV and all that), I never thought in a billion years Lucasarts would ever do it. Now, it's leaning to towards actually happening. A listing for SECRET OF MONKEY ISLAND SPECIAL EDITION FOR XBOX 360 has been found on the German Ratings Board, which is apparently a reliable source. But if we'll find out any more information, it will be closer to June.

Stay tuned to here for further snaps, kids...

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