Friday, February 15, 2008

A 'conversation' with 'Roisin Murphy'

Thanks a lot. Now I have to venture out into the world and mingle among the plethora of nightmares called 'people' because you decided to play at The Tivoli. Dammit, couldn't you just play at my house? I've got a pretty decent size yard and plenty of powerboards. It isn't too much to ask is it? I'm not saying cancel the Tivoli show but maybe just add 'Rayfield's Front Yard' to your tour schedule. I know you've played some weird places and considering just how supremely odd you are yourself, I thought that maybe you would consider it.
Oh, I see. Not too keen on that idea huh? Well, okay then. Yeah, I suppose it was kind of a silly request.
I could make it worth your while you know. You could use the storage cupboard under the stairs as your dressing room and I think I've got some Nescafe Gold in the kitchen.

No you're right. Stupid me. I mean why would you want to perform such a selfless act? I haven't even gone out and bought your latest album 'Overpowered'; what kind of fan does that make me?
Although I did champion 'Ruby Blue' y'know. Wrote a rave review for it and it was my album of the year. But no, of course you wouldn't conciously lose money on your tour just for little old me. I didn't even like Moloko all that much.
Fine. I'll go see your show. Just as long as you promise to wear one of those wacky outfits of yours.
Yeah, one like that.

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